I awake, half-yoked to slumber and atlasic wrinkle, carved in the centre of your palm.
The sun drapes her limbs along my eyelids
bearing a bleary-eyed emergence
aflutter, stumbling away from shadowed valleys, sucking on one myopic thumb.

Lifting the veil above tense belt, cotton thread kissing forehead.
Capillaries agape, rising broken, the scent of our encounter’s bread.
A soft curve, unearthed, crowned carefully, concentrated in might
and birth tasting unfolded fault line towers tumbling.

Mellifluous madness, mounted against all reason and neatly folded piles.
Expecting tidal savagery, trembling prayer at the pillared trunks of your thighs
inhaling eulogistic air, conscious column’s bough below the brow of
tripartite travel, abandoning (h)arms length and disillusionment.

Before this, all encounters seemed desultory at best –
burnt pips and spittle rendered ashy memories, puzzled apparition’s
unconsciousness exploitation. Yet, I now know they were also
precious predicate forces, mirrored fragments of an Other opening.

Tiptoe away from cynicism, discard the futile process
of ensuring a constant and steady strum….of numb.
You lean over me, all cells humming, genealogical sediment sings
in unified celebration and resounding cicada-chambered call.

Engaged, unfolding, I chew at the silken armour of sadness and inertia to see
that which will not carry me any further. Filial agony in all of its brilliance
licks the familiar familial, demanding surrender to patterns and pull
yet, still, our endeavours kiss. No longer fastened to the same earth or pinioned by pain.

The possible tragedy of life arches in overwhelming, exultant advance

Infantile eyes gasp in newborn bulge, finally open to choice and chance.

Almost motionless, our bodies rocking deeply like two lips pressed together
bearing down in bound convergence, pulling through the distinct pulse
of perspective fantastically fused. Flesh in keylock clause, while from our mouths
tumble purling vowels, adrift, laced with life.

Intimacy whispers delicately, tip-toed hips dance in elliptic orbit, and cue the fall…
Collecting repercussions and consequences carrying dusty distillations of all
that once was, weakening under the spell of our separate landings anchored in bone,
wrapped in flesh,

bodies curled in ampersand.


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